Some Background

We're residents of Herne Bay and Ponsonby that are keen to bring back our dawn chorus.

The government has set a target for New Zealand to become predator free by 2050 and we want to do our bit.

Our native creatures could really use some help.

We're starting small. We're targeting rats, stoats and possums by putting traps into our back yards.

If you live in Herne Bay, Ponsonby, St Marys Bay or Freemans Bay we'd love you to join us. 

If you don't and would like a trap contact us and we'll connect you with your group.

We have free traps courtesy of Urban Ark

Periodically we set up at Cox's Bay Park where you'll be able to pick up a trap along with instructions.

Find out when we are next distributing traps at Cox's Bay Park.


Why New Zealand needs predator control

Predator Control in New Zealand, why it is necessary and how you can be part of the Predator Free 2050 vision.

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