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May 2021 Update

Updated: Oct 31, 2021

Auckland Council kindly donated 60 traps of various types; tunnel rat traps, stoat traps and a couple of possum traps.

We distributed our first trap in Herne Bay in early February 2021.

Here's our target area.

We're distributing leaflets into letter boxes. So far we've covered this area (apologies for my terrible design skills). We'll deliver to the rest of the area as we can.

We now have traps at 18 different addresses along the blue route above. Some people were already trapping so there are traps in other areas.

Over the next couple of months we'll aim to deliver leaflets to the remaining letter boxes.

We aren't able to provide numbers of predators killed as members don't often let us know how they are getting on.

It would be wonderful if you could drop me a quick email on your results.

But over the past week as I've sent out a few emails I've got quite a few reports of success; one member on Wairangi Street has caught 6 rats. Another on the corner of Sarsfield and Curran Street has got several rats and has only had his trap for a few days.

No reports of possums or stoats killed.

If you see a possum or stoat please let me know.

It can be a bit disheartening to set your trap and get nothing. Rather than give up though we'd like to make a few suggestions:

  • Try different bait; meat, cheese, peanut butter (most say smooth is better than chunky. Some say premium brands (such as Pic’s) work better than your cheapo brands with added non-peanut oils). White chocolate buttons seems to work wonders. I, personally, have had great success with smoked salmon and raw meat.

  • Have a rest and try setting the trap once a week or once a month. You can add it to your diary or we can remind you from time to time.

I caught quite a few at the beginning and then nothing for months. I took a break and got one about a week ago.

If we give up and return our traps then our predators will just move back in. So it seems best if we stay the course. It looks like it's going to be an ongoing process.

But we're winning the battle.

From the people we've spoken to and from my own experience there is definitely a lot more bird life around now. I have a syrup bird feeder and my yard is filled with Tui and Silver Eyes!

One member has been living here for 30 years and has a Kereru visiting for the first time.

There are reports of Kaka in Auckland now. They were once really abundant, flying in huge flocks over NZ’s native forest. Now decimated.

And they are making a comeback in Wellington.

Finally; Fight for the Wild is an eye opening new documentary that ventures into the wild heart of Aotearoa, alongside the people who dedicate their lives to protecting it.

You can watch it here.

Thanks to everyone.

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