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Spring 2022

There are four months each year where we want to put special effort into trapping.


If you've got a little trap fatigue don't panic - just try and do some or all of these months.

We'll remind you so you don't even need to put it in your diary.

A big thanks to all that made the effort for August - where our birds are gearing up to breed for Spring.

We got a lot of rats and mice :)

If you haven’t had any success yet please don’t give up. Most of us get very few - remember it's a marathon, not a sprint and eventually new solutions will come along and in the meantime we'll have more natives.

Need some ideas on how to get better results? Go here.


Remember to let me know when you ice a predator so we can update our predator control software Trap.NZ.

Here is our distribution now ~ 143 traps.


Thanks and have a lovely day :)

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