Help with Trapping

We provide wooden tunnels to ensure your pets won't get trapped.


Inside is the Victor trap.

Here are some ideas to help you become a successful predator hunter. 

a) Place your trap along a fence or wall which is where they run

b) Make sure the rat can see through the wooden tunnel so they feel confident going in

c) Place bait outside the trap leading to it - a trail

d) Rotate baits; peanut butter, mutton fat, mayonnaise, vanilla scents, beef fat

e) Have dry a clean, fresh, dry trap. Pests don’t like rotten foods.

f) Change things if they aren't working

There are more ideas here.

Important! Please let us know when you eliminate a predator so we can update our database. 




Setting the trap


Traps in the backyard


Success with smoked salmon - 2 in the same night on Jervois Road


Recording Results

We're keen to record success.

Our friends at Auckland Council and Urban Ark have donated traps but they want to see results.

Please contact us when you have a successful outcome. Or ask for access to the software so you can record success yourself.

We'll follow up from time to time and make sure you're still using the traps and to help out where we can.